Antibiotics Overuse

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Feb 10, 2015 04:15
“Mom, I think I have a cold.” A little boy says.
Feeling his head, the mother exclaims, “Oh, that’s a fever!”
In China, what usually happens next is that the parent frantically rushes the poor little kid to the hospital and gets him hooked up to an IV.
Although it is said that one will recover from the cold in a week without taking medicine, – only drinking several times as much water as usual will do – Chinese won’t be patient to wait that long, because they think it is rather time-consuming. Truly, they do feel better shortly after taking the IV drip, so they can get back to studies or work as soon as possible. There is even a piece of news that the whole class in a high school took an IV to strengthen their immune system before Gaokao (the Chinese SAT).
It has even evolved to the point that if a doctor doesn’t prescribe an IV option, he or she will be considered irresponsible by the patient.
In recent years, the mass media always try to publicize the medical facts. They say the efficacy of antibiotics will be attenuated by the pubic overuse, as the pathogen may grow resistant to the drugs, so the gratuitous hypodermic syringe should be avoided. But, who cares? There is no law or restriction over it, and don’t count on the self-sacrifice out of them either.
In your country, what will the people do in this situation?
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