The Father of China's High Speed Rail

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Feb 26, 2015 00:59
As HSR is becoming increasingly prevalent, the objections seem to recede. Within 380 miles to the destination, people would love to choose HSR rather than planes, because the extra hours saved by planes will be lost due to the earlier presence of the passengers required by the security check at the airport. Now, the government is even very ambitiously planning to sell its HSR programs around the world, including Thailand and Mexico.

An anecdote:
The former minister of China’s railway department, Mr. Liu Zhijun, fathered the HSR program in China. In 2011, I was selected as an English-speaking volunteer by the department for the 7th World HSR Congress in Beijing, which was for the first time held in an Asian country.

In that congress, I was mainly in charge of ushering some foreign officials to the conference hall, so I also had a chance to see Mr. Liu in person. Several years later, Mr Liu was put into prison for bribery and corruption during the massive construction of China’s HSR. He has become a controversial person because of many legendary stories about him.