I'll go to China after 3 days.

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Aug 11, 2014 21:48
I'll go to China after 3 days.

Studying Chinese, but I can't speak at all so I'm anxious.

First day, I'll move from Tokyo HANEDA airport to Hong Kong international airport, after that, I'll move from Hong Kong to Shenzhen by ferry. In that place, I'll meet friends. We've been familiar each other in language Exchange site.
I still have never met. I'm so excited about it.

Additionally, Shenzhen is also famous in the field of IT.
I'm a software engineer so I'm excited at that point.
There is a company called Tencent which made QQ (famous messaging APP).
I may buy an Xiaomi's smartphone.

Please tell me if you have interesting in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
Thanks for reading.