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Sorry, I didn't finish this sentence correctly.

Dec 6, 2015 07:59 Public Special day
  • でも、私は家を帰った時、兄が意表風船やケーキをもらいました。
  • でも、私帰った時、兄が意表風船やケーキで驚かせてくれをもらいました。
To be surprised -驚かされる 「おどろかされる」 Or 驚く「おどろく」
Can I ask you something? Why need "the" in this case?? At least this moment, my daughter didn't mention which exactly recycle shop she wanted to go. Actually I thought I should add "a" here...
I see......I used the word "the" because I thought you and your daughter were going to a recycle shop that you always go to.

"A" would than be used in this sentence, because you two did not choose a shop yet.

Aug 20, 2014 11:18 Public I Don't Read It Any More.
Thank you for your reply My answer might be a bit off your question, but I would like to explanation about it. 1. I go to Paris. The preposition 'To' that is used as the meaning of 'direction' in the above sentence was added to comple...

Aug 16, 2014 14:06 Public パリに旅行をします
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