Ogasawara Islands' Very Strange History!

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May 27, 2016 09:06
Ogasawara Islands' Very Strange History! Part 2

However, before Japan realized it, this islands seemed to have inhabitants of Micronesia. In 1823, Captain Frederick William Beechey of British Navy landed on one of Ogasawara islands and found their crew who had been previously lost at sea. He also noticed that other countries' ships often vist here. Captain Beechey put a singn board wich said that this island belongs to England and then he made a report to British Consulate of Honolulu. When Matthew Calbraith Perry of American Navy came to Japan in 1853, he mentioned Ogasawara islands as very good place as an interchange during a long journey.

The Tokugawa Shogunate was very surprised that the islands they long believed as useless turned out to be very valuable place. They quickly dispatched official workers and they declared to the foreign inhabitants that Japan will govern Ogasawara islands.

This sounds like a funny fairy tale. I understand now that local dialects in Ogasawara islands are affected with English. For example, in foreign countries where Japanese army once stayed, local people still speak a lot of Japanese. The same thing happened in Ogasawara islands too.

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小笠原諸島のとても不思議な歴史 パート2