A dance programme for local study 1

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Aug 25, 2019 23:47
It might be true everywhere, but you cannot know the actual situation in other companies. In a study meetings, teachers can only see what the presenter wants to show. Last week, I had an opportunity to join a school programme which aimed to cultivate children's love for their home town. My role was not the one of a teacher, but a dance facilitator. I believed that it would make it easier to observe. The participants were roughly 80 students from the 10th grade. They already experienced a dance workshop in June. This time, they were supposed to create a short piece of dance on their research in the local community. It looked hard, because students are usually not good at communication. According to the organisor teacher, they only talk with adults from their family, school, and convenience stores. And at school, they feel difficulty when they have to build a team for a task. They have to discuss, but it is not easy skills to improve. Can dance help them break through?