Today, I suddenly noticed that there were many Tanabata decorations...

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Jul 4, 2019 23:00
Today, I suddenly noticed that there were many Tanabata decorations here and there on the street.

I don't remember I have seen such decorations at a normal house back in my home town. I am wondering if this custom is appreciated more around here, or is becoming more popular than before. I am not sure.

In Japan, we celebrate the star festival on the 7th of July, which is called "Tanabata". There is a story related to the Milky Way.
Long long time ago, among the stars, there were a beautiful weaver and a cowboy. They were hard workers. The God appreciated them, so he set them up. They loved each other so deeply. They were so engrossed in love that they neglected their duties. The God wasn't happy with that, so he decided to tear them apart. Since then, they have been living on each side of the river called the Milky Way. Only once a year, magpies fly to bridge over the gap and they are allowed to have a rendezvous. If it rains, magpies can't fly, because the river flows. People on the earth pray not to rain at that night. And we raise a bamboo tree on the eaves and hang a wish from its branch. We wish upon stars. However, I've always been skeptical about that. Stars must be busy with their matters, so, they don't have much time to listen to our wishes, right? You can make pretty ornaments with origami paper. I would recommend to use wrapping paper. You can make bigger ones. Lanterns, fish nets and streamers are popular ornaments for Tanabata festival.