How your dreams come true 夢を叶える方法

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May 25, 2019 22:42
Some people like telling about their big dream, for example: "I want to be a famous novelist!" "I want to be a popular YouTuber." "I am dreaming of becoming an idol. I want to encourage girls by my performance!"
However, very a few people are actually engaged in doing something concerning their dreams. I have never seen those who tell their dreams enjoying writing novels, taking videos or practicing dance. I wonder why they won't notice their self-contradiction. For them, writing, acting in front of their cell phone camera or dancing every day must be nothing but a sheer joy. Why wouldn't they ever try that?
I know a boy who is always drawing something in his notebook. During a short recess or lunch time, every time I go check my students in the classroom, he doesn't notice me at all. He is deeply absorbed in drawing. He was astonished when his new classmates gave him compliments and eagerly recommended that he should publish his work online. Actually, he has already been releasing some of them just for fun but not from ambition. Like his case, if you suddenly realise that you have been absorbed in something for a long time, and it happens very often, you are likely the one whose dreams will come true. And this kind of people are modest because they haven't even realise they were given (they have a gift).
If you have a true dream, whether you're aware or not, you must have starting actions to fulfill your wish. While writing this entry, I am thinking of my friends, enjoys games and looking for solutions of pc problems, singing and drawing, or art and learning languages. They seem to do that instinctively.
I call those who only tell their dreams but never ever try "beautiful dreamer". I bite my tongues to suppress my urge of mean comments and keep a serious face when someone says something like that in front of me.
I would say if I could: "What a beautiful dream! I guess that you must have started your actions for that, right? If not, start in right now! Dance every day, write every day, enjoy what you like if you really like that!"



夢について語りたがる人に、私は「beautiful dreamer」とこっそりあだ名をつけています。私の前で誰かが夢を語り始めたら、私は真顔を保ち、意地悪なコメントを言わないように堪えます。
「凄いですね! もうとっくに活動始めていますよね、そうですよね? え、まだなの? 今すぐ始めなきゃ! 毎日ダンスする、毎日書く、本当に好きならやらなきゃ!」