I've almost finished the last interview with my students and th...

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Mar 15, 2019 23:27
I've almost finished the last interview with my students and their parents and guardians for this school year. All of my students have been feeling happier than they used to be a year ago, can you believe that? Of course those who have graduated from our school this year are all happy. I am sure of that. I won't say that all the credit goes to the teachers, but just feel I'm a so lucky person being spending this year with them as their teacher. They are less stressed, more confident and filled with new hopes, just like I hope for them! I'm looking forward to the coming year!

How can I avoid the repetition of "this year"? I am sorry, but I have no idea.
Now it's the end of this school year and I feel strongly that this time of year is special. You could give your students positive feedback to motivate them even more, and you also can get reward from them sometimes unexpectedly. For me, finding their growing their new ambition is always my best pleasure.
One student said that he wanted to take as many subjects of his favourite teacher as possible, and he would learn harder looking forward to meeting that teacher again at the summer semester. He was cursing his former teachers at junior high school and suffered from flashbacks before, and was even showing hostile against me, just because I am a teacher. I am so grateful with his favourite one and his flexible young mind. And another student, who was so afraid of entering a classroom that she had not attended school for years, started worrying about what she should wear on her graduation ceremony. Later, when I told this to my boss, he started laughing with a loud voice. He said that he only expected that she would refuse to attend the ceremony just like she did on her entering ceremony two years ago, but it was far above his expectation. She is now looking forward to attending her graduation ceremony and wants to look pretty when she stands in front of the people, on the stage as the representative of our Sanda campus, yay!