"Fine, thank you, and you?"

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Sep 10, 2014 23:53
Let's start with a joke. One day, a Chinese student visited the doctor who asked her how she was. She replied with no pause, "Fine, thank you, and you?"
Seriously, every student in China learned the standard "How are you?" greeting in their first English class. Therefore we are so familiar with the "standard" answer to this question. Don’t kick yourself too hard if you have been using “Fine, thank you, and you?” You’re not wrong and you’re not alone. This is perfectly right according to English grammar rules and your English teacher in the past. However, it’s not the best.
In fact, there are many ways to answer this question. I know Chinese culture makes we don't really want to answer this question from our heart especially talking with a stranger. But we could answer a little bit better. If it is 6:00 in the morning and you really don't feel that excited to be awake. You're going to school or going to work. You can tell him "Just so so, not really that great." If you are going to happy world and you are very excited, then you should say "I'm doing great!!!" And you should show lots of feeling.
It is in the real world and you should get head out of textbooks. Cheers!
真的,几乎每一个在中国的学生都会在第一堂英语课上学到这个标准的"How are you?"回答方式。以至于我们对这个问题的“标准答案”是如此的熟悉。不要太在意如果你曾经使用过 “Fine, thank you, and you?”的回答方式。你没有错,你也不是孤独的。根据英语语法规则和你过去的老师的标准,这完全是正确的。但是,这不是最好的回答方式。