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Jan 21, 2019 14:05

I have some questions for my homework and I answered them. Please review the answers for me. Thank you very much

1. How do you come to work every day?
Actually, I always go to work by motorbike, but when I go on a business trip, I will take a train or an airplane, depending on how far I’ll travel

2. How long does it take by motorbike?
Well, it takes about 30 minutes from my house. I believe not so far because I can go while listening to music or learning English. So, I think that is the best way to save time for myself

3. What is the most popular means of transport in your hometown?
The most common vehicle in my hometown is the motorbike. As I’ve read in a current newspaper, most Vietnamese adults have their own motorbikes. Moreover, I can easily catch sight of motorbikes whenever I go outside

4. Do you prefer public transportation to private transportation?
Answer 1:
Although owning a private vehicle has various advantages, I prefer using public transportation in order to economize as well as to help protect the environment
Answer 2:
I prefer using my personal vehicle to public means of transportation as it is time and energy-saving. Furthermore, by using my own motorbike, I can drive everywhere I want without being worried about being nauseous or squeezed on the bus
Answer 3
I think Vietnamese people prefer private vehicles to public transportation. It’s pretty easy to understand why; I mean if people use their car or motorbike to travel, they don’t have to wait for public transport like buses. Also, using private transport, especially bikes or motorbikes is a more popular and rational choice here in Vietnam as there are a lot of small roads that buses cannot go down and traffic jams happen almost every day, especially in big cities like Hanoi or HCM City

5. What are the main reasons for traffic jams in Vietnam?
To be honest, I used to love motorbike for that convenience. However, that vehicle is now not preferred by me for some following reasons.
First, it is the main private vehicle causing traffic congestion during rush hours in Ha Noi
Second, exhaust fumes from tons of motorbikes on the streets are putting our environment

6. How often do you take buses?
I take buses to go to school at least twice a day as I haven’t got my own vehicle yet. I also usually use buses to visit my relatives or friends’ homes

II. Part 3
7. Can you compare the advantages of planes and trains?
Obviously, airplanes and trains have their own particular benefits for passengers. Regarding planes, they have been the fastest means of passenger transport invented so far. They enable people to travel all around the world in the shortest possible time.
The biggest advantage of trains is their impressive safety record. Accidents are rare, and so people can feel relaxed and just sit back and admire the views from their comfortable seats

8. Is driving to work popular in your country?
Yes, I’m pretty sure that private cars and motorbikes and the two most popular vehicles in my country. Therefore, it is obvious that there are a large number of people who tend to drive to work

9. What will become the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam?
Personally, I think the prevalence of motorbikes will continue to dominate in Vietnam due to their advantages, namely, they are great for getting around quickly, they are easy to park and economical to run

10. Do you think it is important to develop transport? Why?
It goes without saying that the development of transport is of great significance to the well-being of the community. As can clearly be seen, poor transport facilities have resulted in various trafficrelated problems such as congestion or accidents, which have put citizens under constant stress of losing time and risking their life.
By investing in transport infrastructure, governments can put a dent in the problems of traffic jam and road dilapidation, which means a sped-up journey time and safer streets.

11. What kind of transportation do you choose when you go out?
As for me, my favorite means of transport is the bus. I guess the primary attraction of this transportation is how economical it is compared to the other options.
As far as I can tell, the bus fare is so much cheaper than taxi fare or the cost of motorbike fuel and maintenance. Moreover, going by bus is extremely convenient and comfortable.
As our government has made an effort to upgrade and expand public transport provision, buses with up-to-date air conditioners and soft seats now extend to every corner of my city. I feel blessed to have access to this means of public transportation.

12. What kinds of transportation are good for environment protection? Why?
Talking about environmentally friendlyforms of transport, the bicycle and electric means of transportation are the outstanding examples. This is mainly because they do not discharge toxic exhaust fumes into the environment like conventional vehicles do, which radically reduces humans’ carbon footprint. Some may argue that thermal electricity may cause pollution, which is true, but as our electricity production has now shifted to rely on alternative energy sources such as wind and water, this is becoming less of a problem.

13. Do you think people will drive more in the future?
Yes, I think so. There will be more drivers on the roads in the future due to the convenience of motoring and the affordable prices of cars

14. Would you ride bikes to work in the future?
Yes, As I’m a young person, I like to do energetic activities to help me keep fit, so I will give priority to a job that is within cycling distance of my home

15. Do people like to travel by bike in your hometown? Why?
Sadly, my neighboring citizens do not value the bicycle as an optimum means of transport. I guess this stems fromthe bicycle’s limited speed. As people in my hometown are usually obliged to travel considerable distances to their work places, motorcycles or the car are utilized to speed up their journey time. Another possible reason is that there is yet to be a dedicated cycle lane, so cyclists may find it difficult to compete with other faster and more powerful vehicles for road space.

16. Do you think travel by bicycle is better in traffic? Why?
Well that is an interesting question. As far as I can tell, traveling by bike may ease traffic flow if it is done widely among people. It can be easily seen that the bicycle is light-weight and takes up less space than any other vehicles. By riding a bicycle instead of going in cars or taxi, travelers are able to free a huge area of the road that is normally wasted by not fully occupied cars, giving way for people to travel and alleviate congestion.