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Mar 17, 2019 23:49
I have some questions for my homework and I answered them. Please review the answers for me. Thank you very much

Watch the video below and read the text. If you don't know how to pronounce that word yet, use the dictionary to listen to it several times and say it about 10 times.

1. What are your goals in life?
Actually, I have tons of them. I want to live healthy, become a skilful doctor and also get a well-paid job. In addition,I want to build a community where everyone wants to learn English can join and inspire people to love English. So I stop at nothing to reach my destination, chief of them being to get some physical exercises, learn English and I know doors are opening up for me if I speak English very well. IT can help me broaden my knowledge about many fields and make my dream come true.

2. Do you have any specific plans to get your goals?
Actually, I do not have a detailed plan. You know, honestly, it is pretty difficult to make a plan and Iam also lazy. But now, I try to find how to do it. Because I know you will fail and don’t keep staying on track to reach the destination if you don’t have a right plan.
3. How do you intend to achieve your goal?
Having a specific and right plan can help you stay on track, keep the inspiration. To be honest, I follow some steps:
The first: get some inspiration from a role model may be a video or some quotes.
The second, Have a specific plan, especially a tangible goal.
The third, Buy some essential materials and some reward if I complete small goal.
Next, photo plan and my goals, and stick to everywhere in my house.
Maybe I announce my goal to everybody to get an encourage, a commitment for my self.
Finally, start to do it.

4. What is your biggest obstacle to work out a plan?

For me personally, I don’t have time and be lazy to make a plan. There are many things such as jobs, schools and relationships are vying for my attention. I often delay it. I know my problem so I try to find the solution. For me, in English, I join a club where I meet some friends who have the same goals and keep going together until reaching the destination.

5. Have you got stuck in a rut? How do you do often do to get out of rut?
Actually, yes. When I was in high school, I am usually studying and my goal is to pass the final exam to graduate . My routine every day is get up, study… and keep going. It is the same day by day. I feel bored, stress so I want to quit every thing. I think I just stop and think carefully about my goal. I just sing and dance to get away from it all, get some advice from my parents. Sometimes I walk along the street , it is a great way to think deeply about my self, to know what I really want, to get out of the rut. I think you should give it a try.

6. What makes you believe That you can get your life goals?
Well. Actually, when I plan to get my goals, I will follow my role model, the way they act, the way they do and live to help me to stay in track, to believe I will succeed if I do the right way. I want to stay in shape and stay healthy so I follow Hana Giang, a personal trainer. I realize she has passion for helping people to have a healthy lifestyle, inspire everybody keep patient and keep going. When I want to achieve my goal, I always have a core belief. It make me keep going, keep believing about my way and stop at nothing to get my goal life. When I learn English , I just think “Practices make perfect, lead to success. Keep doing it. Never quit.”