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Mar 22, 2014 19:08

Today, I went to my grandmother's house with my family by my family car.
But because the car is manual transmission, it was a little hard for me to drive it.
We used Metropolitan Expressway that is the main way or trunk line of a traffic network in Tokyo. The character are overhead structures of having radially and annular networks, and the width of a road is very narrow. The expressway is constructing to go underground in the some places because it has many problems: old, narrow and spoiling a cityscape.
Suddenly, I thought that the infrastructure of Tokyo is awesome, by any chance, is the greatest in the world. Some examples follow.
First is about trains in Tokyo. they are very long train connected about fifteen vehicles, and they are very punctual. If one train delay more than three minutes, the conductor will generally apologize to the passengers for causing trouble. Probably, you would think it’s crazy but our society is fairly strict about time! I’m tired such a society! Hahaha. Also, train line network in the Metropolitan area is very wide and really complicated. That’s like this PDF file: ( ) If you live in Tokyo and don’t have your car, you will be able to go to anywhere by train! In spite of the train line so much, every train is usually very crowded when people go to school or offices and come back home. Actually,I think that the most famous station in Japan is probably Shinjuku Sta and Tokyo Sta. In Shinjuku Sta, the number of users is 3,500,000 people a day and about 1,280,000,000 people a year.
Second is about tap-water. It is most important for people to live. In Japan, because it is very clear and safe, we can drink it anytime and anywhere, even the park. That’s because water‐purity control is conducted seriously by the water department every day. And, in order to relax and keep clean, we can take a bath every day, tap-water is cleaner than other countries
Third is the other infrastructures; a diffusion and speed and cheapness of Internet infrastructure, the number of vending machine (about 5,100,000 machines), and a density of roads among others. Maybe, each things are the best in the world.Focused on just infrastructure, I love my country. No other country is as good and safe as the infrastructures of Japan. It’s really convenient and comfortable!! Therefore,I was enchanted by these infrastructures, and major in civil engineering. But I'm not good on scholastic attainments lol!!

I'm sorry for writing a long writing.
 第一に、東京の電車について。東京の電車は約15両編成と非常に長く、とても時間に厳しい。もしある電車が3分以上遅延したとすれば、一般的に車掌さんは乗客にお詫びのアナウンスをするのである。おそらく、あなたは狂気であると思われるでしょうが、私達の社会は非常に時間に厳しいのです。僕はそんな社会に疲れましたがね(笑) また、首都圏内の電車網は非常に広く複雑です。こんな感じ(→PDF) もしあなたが東京に住んでいて車を持っていなかったとしても、電車でどこへでも行くことが出来るでしょう。とても多くの電車路線があるにも関わらず、出勤や通学または帰宅時にはどの電車もたいていかなり混みあいます。また、おそらく最も有名な駅は新宿駅か東京駅だと思うのですが。新宿駅では、利用者数は一日に350万人、一年間でなんと12億8千万人もいるのです。