An idiosyncrasy of a country called "Japan"

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Mar 20, 2014 18:24
An idiosyncrasy of a country called "Japan"

I had stayed in Vancouver for just one month about two weeks ago. Vancouver is a city in Canada. Then, I was surprised at influence of “Japan”. I had referred Japan as a country of evil repute ,and thought that it’s small, weak, and the people are fool and spiteful before I left from Japan.
However, I cannot avoid changing my opinion.

First, there are many Japanese products in Vancouver.
In this City, many cars by Japanese make run in the city. Take for some examples, TOYOTA, HONDA, SUBARU, MITSUBISHI and NISSAN among others. Even generally taxies of yellow are Prius which is made by TOYOTA.And there are many Japanese food shops, for example, sushi, tempura and teriyaki. They are certainly Japanese food names, but a flavor of these foods is little

Second, Everyone knows about Japan.
I had attended an English school. In this school, there are Japanese, Korean, Brazilian, Mexican and among other people of other country. My class was attached importance of speaking in English. We given some topics of discussion , and discuss about it there. Then, when I try to talk with classmate about Japanese culture, they know about one in the generality of cases. They know comic, food, products and customs. I was surprised at these things. In contrast, I didn’t know about their culture and customs and feel little embarrassed.

I thought that they have a wide variety of knowledge the world situations, but noticed that my conjecture is probably wrong. About the topic of United States, I know a lot of things; Apple, Microsoft, 911, New York, Food, Rocky mountains, etc...because United States is big and have a strong influence to the world.
The reason why everyone whom I met in Vancouver knew about Japan is such as like this,maybe. Because Japan is small, however, have a big Economic power and a great influence like United States.