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Dec 21, 2016 05:31




(continues from the previous post)

If I want to take courses taught in Japanese, there will be three requirements which I have to fulfill.

1. I have to pass JLPT N1.
I've heard that JLPT N1 is really, really difficult. In order to pass N1, it is recommended to have a knowledge of about 2000 kanji and 10000 words. I read on the Internet that I need to study for around 3000 hours. Considering that I only have 2 years, this seems like an impossible goal. However, I guess it's not a bad thing to try to achieve it. In the end, even if I fail, I will have improved my Japanese language proficiency. Generally, universities in Japan provide lectures in English for international exchange students. Thus, regardless of whether I meet this requirement or not, I will still be able to go to Japan for student exchange. However, a deeper knowledge of university/academic Japanese is required if I want to study more profound subjects. Therefore, no matter how impossible it is, I'll do my best.

2. I have to keep a cumulative average grade of at least 3.00
Today, my exam results were announced. I got 4.50 out of 5.00 (average) marks. If I continue to do my best like I did last semester, I should be able to go on a student exchange program.

3. I have to be at least a third-year student.
I'm currently a first-year university student. Most universities only admit third-year and fourth-year students for student exchange. I think I'll be very busy in my final year of study, so I plan to go in the third year. That means I still have 2 years to prepare for it.
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