When you were a kid, will your parents go to your stuff?

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Mar 18, 2014 00:52 family
Recentlly, I'm watching a comedy show called Modern Family, it's funny. I watch it everynight when I eat my dinner.

It' TV series that talking about family, all the characters is trun and natrue, also they are humor. It make me feel like I'm observe the American's family life. Well, American's family, Chinese's family, Japanese's family, there are looks very different.

In a episode, the little son of Dunphy's family go to play soccer at weekend, his mother come with him. She just stand there, drinking sangria and cheer for her son. How about Japanese? My Japanese friend told me, his mother will dress very formal and beautiful, sitting in the allotted place, absolutely no beer, no soda. Me? When I was a child, I had never seen any parents came to school or some other place, watching their child playing game, so did I. The parents always appear at the dinner time and shouting their son's name, say something like:"Hurry up! Go home! It's dinner time!"

I heard now there are lots of school will invite parents join the students game, does the kids really like it? I don't konw.

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