It was the most unlikely outcome, was it?

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May 15, 2019 19:30
After receiving a rainfall, due to a heritage from a distant relative, the first thing that Marcus did was to buy a huge house in the suburbs. He made a significant upfront for his new property and went on on a expensive holiday.

Back at home and settled in his new mansion, he decided to make the most of his luck and invest a fair chuck of that money. It went well at the beginning, but after his first earnings he became careless and arrogant. He wouldn't even listen to his advisor and started to take bigger risks. Other that this, a downturn came out of the blue and markets plunged and in no time all his shares were worth nothing at all.

This was his downfall. He couldn't get over this and get back to his modest previous
life. He would get drunk every day while telling any poor soul he could reach out, how all his dreams had gone down the outfall, like the rain water in his old mansion gardens.

The takeaway: Be careful when deeming something as good or bad fortune, as what happens to us normally takes on the colour of our soul.