My Favorite Writer

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Sep 11, 2019 05:18
My favorite writer is Huyumi Ono(小野不由美).

Her masterpiece is Shiki(屍鬼).

It is a best seller.

She is famous as a horror writer.

However, she also write fantasy.

I think Ghost-Hunt(ゴーストハント)& the Twelve Kingdoms(十二国記)are really good.

Ghost-Hunt is horror, very scary.

The Twelve Kingdoms is fantasy.

It's the best nobel I've read so far in my life.

I reserved a copy of Huyumi Ono's new book!

I'm looking forward to it.

I like Natsuhiko Kyogoku(京極夏彦)secondly, but his writings are too much long, so you mast be ready before you start to read it.

Do you have a favorite writer?

Who is it?