Gym / スポーツジム

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Sep 11, 2019 06:50
I’m going to a gym rescently. I just started in September for a diet, but I like it.
There are over 20 kinds of muscle training machines, a swimming pool and a communal bath.
I have built my ideal training menu by myself little by little.
Firstly, I’m running on the running machine for 15 minutes. After that, I do 4 kinds of muscle machine for my upper half of the body for 20 times by 2 sets, and do the exercise bike for 10 minutes.
After I changed my cloth to the swimming wear, I walk in the swimming pool for 100 meters and swim about 4 sets of 50 meters.
Finally I take the communal bath, so totally it takes about 90 minutes.
I want to describe about it more in detail next time. Anyway I have gone to the gym twice or three times a week for now while having fun without hardship.