Grapes Picking / ぶどう狩り

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Sep 16, 2019 23:04
I went on a grapes picking with my family yesterday.
Although around Osaka Japan area is still very hot, it should be in Autumn now on the calendar, which is a season of vegetable and fruits picking. So I searched the information on the internet and found the grapes picking.
When we arrived at the grapes garden, there were a lot of families as same as us. The entrance fee was 1,100 yen per each and no time limit. And the rule was we can eat the grapes in the garden as much as we want, but taking them out needs extra money.
As we stepped in the grapes field there are already many families sitting and eating grapes on the sheet. We sat at the back of the field, and enjoyed picking grapes about two bunches of grapes for each.
The grape was purple, big, including a seed and tastes very sweet. Usually we eat such grapes only several grains to a half bunch, so it was too much for us to eat completely. We thought if we don’t eat grapes for a year, it’s no problem.
Although it was hot day, under the grapes leaves was not so hot because the leaves made shade. It was a good activity for family and It was a nice memorable day for us. I want to go there again.