Diary of life in Canada 1

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Sep 7, 2019 16:08
Hi! How's everyone's day going?
I just finished my job and got home had some snack with TV drama. Now it's the time for English diary.

I'm working holiday in Canada right now. So that means it's time to go back to Taiwan. But suddenly I get scared to back to Home. Yes, I do love my country, but just sometimes the culture things are so annoying. It is kind of funny. I'm not really feel comfortable to speaking English, but I feel so comfortable that I can be myself here. When I was in Taiwan I'd never wearing the bikini. Cuz if you're not really fit or has a nice body, then you will feel like everyone are all looking at you, and make you feel uncomfortable. And that is one more thing that I found which is when you doing the home shopping you can easily found different style of model, but in Taiwan the most of the model are all have white skin, long legs, small face and very skinny.
I think In Taiwan we usually focus on someone's imperfect, in here the everyone are more focus on the good thing and not shy to praised you. And it's first time I feel I don't need to change anything to fitted in, just be yourself.

So that is also why I feel that I want to stay here more longer.