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My name is ___. I am a fourth year software engineering student at ____. While taking classes, I work at a part-time technical support job. At my job, I work with deaf people to help them with their computer problems.

When I was a kid, I would always use my grandfather's computer. Ever since then, I have loved working with computers and wanted to learn programming. Because I like making thins more efficient, I began studying software engineering.

I have been studying Japanese for three and a half years. I have also spent one summer in Japan studying abroad. When I was eight years old, I became interested in Japanese culture. At first I liked anime, but then I started to learn about Japanese history. In high school, I began studying Japanese. One year later, I went to college and continued studying. After two years, I applied to study abroad at Kanazawa Institute of Technology. I was accepted and went to Japan to study abroad. I studied Japanese language and culture for two months at KIT. I loved it so much, I will make sure I go back, one way or another. I would like to work in Japan, so I feel that I need to get an internship. If I don't work at a Japanese company, I plan to work at a company where I can work with Japanese people. I really miss Japan, and with any chance I get to go back, I will do my best.

I am interested in Artificial Intelligence and encryption. In the future, I want to get a job in software development and create artificial intelligence software. I find game theory interesting and I enjoy chess, so I would like to learn Shogi and Go. Since I like solving problems, I find programming to be fun. I am able to learn new things quickly, and I am able to do many different jobs. Because of this, I can be happy doing any task.

Since I plan on working with Japanese people, the Pasona program seems like a good opportunity. In the Pasona program, I will be able to practice my technical Japanese. I will also be able to learn Japanese company culture. Because it is difficult to practice this in America, some actual experience would be very valuable.

I always want to learn more. An internship will teach me a lot. I will meet new people and establish new relationships. These experiences will become very valuable after college. In addition, any programming experience I get will be useful. In the end, the Pasona program is the best internship for me. It is very difficult to find other programs like Pasona, and if I get accepted, I will be very grateful.
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