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Jul 16, 2015 23:22
I had one of my best experiences in a restaurant. Both the service and the food were superb. The waiter was very thoughtful every time and his manners were outstanding. We ordered some sandwiches and burgers and portion of fries to share. He advise us that there were some fries included with our choices before going on with the order. Not every wait staff would have let you know that.

The menu is very broad, and you can choose between sandwiches, burgers, main dishes and there is also a 3 course menu available.

I order a chicken sandwich and it was really nice. The bread was soft and full of taste and the chicken breast juicy and thick. It was a great portion. The fries were freshly hand-cut, it was easy to notice that.

The venue wasn't very crowded comparing to others. There are some well knows franchises and I guess that people prefer to go to a well know brand instead of risking themselves to try new things. I would encourage them to try this restaurant, they won't regret it.
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