Real Chinese food

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Jun 23, 2015 23:53
I discovered this restaurant two years ago and I still love it. In my opinion is one of the best places to eat authentic Chinese food in Chinatown. The place is not elegant, it's small and busy. So if you want a quiet place go elsewhere as in here you might be share the table with other diners.

The restaurant doesn't book table so you might be need to wait, but trust me, the food worth it. The menu is quite large with 2 or 3 banquet options. I tried one of those once and, to be honest, it was too much food. I would suggest you to choose a dish from the menu and a started, you will be satisfied with that.

The speciality of the restaurant is the duck. While I was there, many people came in to take a duck as a take away. If you order it, they will cut it in front of you and you might be asked if you wanted with or without bones.

It's a good place to eat something fast, good and cheap. But this is not your place if you are a big group of you want to eat slowly and peacefully as the waiting service is going to be around you checking if you have already finished to prepare the table for the next diner.

You can't leave without trying the fried seaweed.