They overcharged me for paying with credit card

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Jul 14, 2015 18:12
I had a very bad experience in this restaurant. I do not understand why people are going to this restaurant. It is very expensive and the service is awful.

We had some overpriced burgers, the meat was OK, however, if I pay 15€ for each burger I expect a quality bread and of course, not some McDonalds like fries. How those burgers can cost 3 time more than any other restaurant nearby. We ordered the burger well done and we got those quite rare. Is really so difficult to grill a burger?

If someone is willing to pay that price, he should have the best service experience ever. You have free peanut, I guess that the reason to have such overpriced menu.

The worst experience I had was with the manager. When I paid with my international credit card, he selected to pay in my home currency which is increase the bill almost 10%. I complained about it and told him that that wasn´t his decision as I wanted to pay in Euros. He insisted that it was like that, basically I gave up as his manners were becoming quite nasty. They took 5€ more from my credit card, thank you.

Avoid this restaurant at all cost.