The best Sunday Roast

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Jun 25, 2015 18:12
I was looking for a new place to dinner with my dog, I discovered this one and I gave it a try. To be honest I was expecting a small familiar business place. Nonetheless, it's a huge and fantastic traditional pub with a big parking. I wasn't anticipated that kind of place in a small village.

The atmosphere was fantastic and we were invited to go to an area where the dogs are allowed. Doggies are not allow in the main restaurant so people wouldn't be bothered if they don't like pets.

We opt for the Sunday roast, which it was £11. However, you can add a starter for a pound more. Of course, we tried the starter as well: a soup and pate. The big surprise came with the main course, what a fantastic presentation and large portion of sides! mashed and roasted potatoes and boiled vegetables.

There was another Sunday roast option that we didn't pay attention to it. You can ask for what they call a "platter" where you can share it for 2, 4, 6 or 10 person (if I recall it correctly). The couple next to us ordered one to share and it was a lot of meat, very good value.

After the Roast I tried the Sticky toffee pudding, which was the hot pudding of the day. Delicious.

Good service, good food and good ales.
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