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Jun 8, 2014 22:59

My childhood will never end. I don't believe in overcoming childood, and childood doesn't believe in overcoming Alessandro, so we will still together for ever, no matters what. Just love, a serius kind of love, could've save me from this, but now, I think it' s just "no possible anymore".
My confession: I'm an adult just in paper. Anybody, that have finished primary school, can crush me, smash me like an egg, a beautiful horrible fat egg.
That sounds humiliating, I know and it is, but I'll never regret my childood, my life, my love for superheros, and other fucking useless things that I really care about. A huge character of my childood was an extremly dangerous dinosaurus rex: my old and blind aunt Ada. She acted as an old dino, I think because she was blind so she put her huge forehead in front of the world, a way she had, I guess, to be in contact with everything, and she really was, i mean it really worked for her. She was always, always, the first one to see what happened in a room,or to broke the wall of silence whit her beautiful lauthing, her funny and ironic attitude that never failed her out.
Her arms were the house of my tears, and her pocket a sinner's shelter of me teenager (refugium peccatorum).
She spent a fortune for me. She bought me a piano, a scooter and a car but her love was really requited and I use to call her each sunday morning, just to hear her voice and to make her telling mysterious stories. She told me about her sister, a young lady that was about to marry his lover when a lightening bolt from the sky scared her as well as she died few days ahead. She told me that her poor heart was moved by that bolt and this was the reason for her departure, i mean death. Our small city reacted energetically to this event. People put on black clothes and shoot down shops and everybody attended the ceremony. In a street corner a really young Romeo, a child with moustache, cried his head out, thinking what life stole from him. My aunt was really talented to tell beautiful story I never watched tv when she was around, because her voice was amazing, she spoke a perfect dialect with the instrusion of some delicious word of italian words. Old italian words. Her dialect was kind of amazing, a mix of latin, old greek, and some english words. Yes, like "candy". Americans have been there during second war world and she got beautiful story about it. Americans, they were the good ones and his father was a socialis, publicly humiliated by fascists on the streets. Yes,he got to drink castor oil! Several times! My aunt past way last year. Of course I still love her and I can still hear her voice during north wind nights saying the same old sentence"let's take laundry inside,kid, It is gonna to rain!"
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