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Sep 26, 2014 09:43

Something related to smelling good, walking up the hill, forgetting about the grocery shop, something related to breathing and running, watching children in the playground really busy really fun, something to touch, tears, toys, sexy lady in hopeful lingery and me and you, laid down, something to say, something that really really really I want to tell you I want to, something unusual, it is dark, it is outside, where am I going so lost? something that I know, you don`t, something funny but nice something nice but not funny at all, for every single word that you say my friend, I want that there is possible to me to dance on, or at least to is warmth it is nice inside, we are watching tv, chewing the fat, yes, we are all died, century century, decades of decades, minutes ago, we are happy with that, now it is your turn to be happy, dead or not, that doesn`t matter anymore. Live! Like sunglasses over your table when you came back late and drunk, and the girl mispronunciated my name. Go, and have fun. Be responsible for us either! yes yes I will, of course, I will, sometimes.