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Jun 24, 2014 20:08

Aside from that old italian sentence, very popular in the sixties, that says "uterus is mine and I'll do what I want with it" I would say that once we used to spend less time on internet and more time in front of tv and I prefer now, I think It is better, much better internet than tv for a million of reasons that I'll not even start to mention to not bore you.
To start with, the most popular activity beside the tv, I think it is going out for a walk, in Italy It is very common to take a walk with the family and going nowhere doing nothing having good time. Naturally it is not as it seems. Woman, unnotice, take a chance to go crazy after shoes showcases while children steal money from the father's wallet and go to buy kilos of ice cream. Men are usually sad and lost but those ones that have a little pocket radio .At least they can listent to the football match and if the children don't kill each others for the last lick on gelato and the woman don't spend all their wage for a pair of shoes that they'll never wear, they can breathe a sight of relief and take all of them back home, happily.
That was sunday as I remember.
In addition to this sometimes families used to go to church to pray the Lord but it wasn't so nice as it seems: woman used to brag about the new pair of shoes that have just bought and men used to go there to get lucky. They used to look at young beautiful devoted girls that for understandable reason look wonderful praying the Lord in docile attitude. This could seem to be sexist and it is. It is not cronist's fault!
At the same times there are examples of people making good use of their leisure time. I used to listent to Pink Floyd, making love with my girlfriend, reading poems, and watch the football matches. I'm still italiam anyway!
In conclusion I agree that people use their free time as they want, it never seems to be meaningless to me.