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Dec 1, 2014 04:47

The results confirmed the hypothesis that it was made. There are no voiced alveolar fricative in the Salentino dialect. We analyzed by Praat the alveolar fricaticative in any distribution and the findings show that there is no voiced alveolar fricative in intervocalic position, at the beginning of the word following by a vowel, by a voiced consonant or a voiceless consonant. The same happens in the median position, followed by a voiceless consonant.
Concerning Italian the situation is different. The alveolar fricative contrast in voicing in the intervocalic position [fuso] [fuzo] as the example, and there is a contextual neutralization (voicing agreement) at the beginning of the word. Before a voiced consonant we always find a voiced alveolar fricative such as before a voiceless consonant we always find a voiceless alveolar fricative.
Another neutralization occurs at the begging of the words before a vowel. In fact we always have a voiceless alveolar fricative before a vowel The same happens in median position before a voiceless cononant. Even in this case only a voiceless fricative can occur so that we can talf of contextual neutralization.