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Aug 4, 2016 11:06

I`ve just came back from Walmart. I heard of a place called Madison Wi, but I couldn`t find it. I looked here and there and all around but I couldn`t. It is said to be a wonderful city, it is said it really is.
I found a house, a town house. It has a white fence, a nice garret where I put my guitar, a living room with a nice sofa and everything. There is an old record player and you can play Elvis on there not Dylan not Buckley but Elvis.
The house is the classical house in residential area, a suburb in the flesh. Can I say that? Probably not, so I would say it is a real suburb. I can`t stop thinking about a song which says something like "There is nothing wrong with me/ that is how I am supposed to be/ in a land of make-believe/who don`t believe in me.

I don`t know if I will stay here. It is beautiful it is perfect, but in a way is like the cupcake I bought from Walmart right now: beautiful outside, very good looking, but not very tasty or healthy.
The house was supposed to have 3 rooms. But yesterday the old lady who rents it said that there is actually 4 rooms.
The bathroom was supposed to be private but it is 1 bathroom for at least 3 of us.
In a random conversation over the phone that she was having who knows with who I discovered that in the basement there is a full house with a bedroom a kitchen and a bathroom and that she is renting it to who knows who.
Someone like Batman, who like the dark side, would take it.
I should live with in a rental agency with short long/term visitors and the ghost of the past tenants who stop by just for saying hello or go to hell. Probably the latter one.
Also, main fact, she announced herself as one of my roommate.
I looked at the white fence and I felt like it was fading away. I went out in the morning just to discover that we do not have white fence.
I always wanted a white fence and all those stuff. I want nice stuff and I want to enjoy it. I am always been out of any nice suburbia and today I saw it shining in my eyes like expensive jewelry.

When I`ll go away from here my hope is to find Madison, I am positive that it really exists, and I know it because it gives to a lake, a damn icy lake so I am positive that there is a Madison, there is somewhere,
I am also wondering about California, I heard beautiful things about LA...There is a song I remember that says LA Woman la la la. It maybe be a stereotype but I like to drive at dawn through sunset boulevard.