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Jul 10, 2014 22:12

I went to the diploma's party
a schoolbag full (packed?) with hard feelings in my hand
I use to hate all of my teachers
I thought I was living in cage because of them
but now I know
that even that one was just a lie that allow me dream in better (future/days)

And I went to the cinema every night to watch movies that talk stories about
angry kids just like me
I rememeber I thought
That one could be me

But now I know
There is anything like that
No happy endings at all
And for the usual the good guy will die at the end

Tatoos hurts me because they remember how I used to be
Lot of friends are gone so early
just hope they watch at me from the sky (above)

In the meanwhile I'm just hoping for a miracle
someone that may save me from myself
but there is not like the moovies
I can't even understand the plot
For sure love is not for ever
She said "I don't know"
Then, she hug me tightlly
and whispering "Don't gwt it wrong"
Everything born grow and then die
if you 'll feel sorry (betrayied)
It is just because It is no like the moovies

Isn't clear? Life is not just the moovies...
I'm afraid that my generation is getting ready
for a revolution that starts and ends just in their heads
It has me more than this
It has to be soomething good, a happy ending
the thriumph of the good over evil
at the end of the History

But It is not just the moovies...(refrain)
She said ...(refrain)