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Mar 4, 2019 11:06

In this chapter, two models of fatherhood are presented. One comes from the Shakespeare`s literary and personal word and another one refers to the Catholic church`s interpretation of God, thus, of fatherhood.
Once again in the book, the two masters to which Ireland is subjected are the English empire (Shakespeare was always very reverential towards his kings) and the Catholic Church. These two are the terrible monster of Scylla and Charybdis. Stephen, as Ulysses, passes close to Scylla (the Church) adventure himself in the maelstrom of the interpretation of Shakespeare`s world (Charybdis). The choice is wise, as a reflection over the English poet would always be less dangerous than criticizing the official religion. However, Stephen is not Ulysses in the episode but remains still Telemachus. Bloom sure already have found his 'keys' his way between the two master as Stephen-Telemachus admit of not believing his own theory. Therefore he is Ulysses` son, a boy trying to figure out his feature.
Initially, Stephen`s theory is that Shakespeare is Hamlet`s grandfather, and the ghost of Claudio represents Hamnet, the 11 years old son lost by the poet.
The ghost, son of the poet, comes to warns him of the mother`s betrayal.
The infidelity of Shakespeare`s wife is justified by a long list of circumstances and draw on knowledge from a number of Shakespeare experts and learned scholars.
However, this premise gets soon dismissed in favor of that one that the father was himself his own son. The references comes from Sabellius, a Christian heresiarch and also confirmed, somehow, by Saint Thomas.
Fatherhood is a void, a mystery not only at a biological level. The birth of a male son means the father`s decline. Therefore, the young Shakespeare is Hamlet as te old one is his own ghost. In life, we only meet ourselves, we pass through others only.
Being father of himself means being narcissistic; it means to be constantly mirroring himself though others. Sex, and the wound of betrayal cracks the mirror, let the pain entering the picture.
This theory on fatherhood based on void possibly binds Bloom to Stephen.
They can mirror into each other as father and son, rightly because they are not blood bound.

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