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Jun 28, 2014 22:56

I recommend you my favorite sport activity, the running! I think that it is good because it is cheap, easy to do, and funny! Who am I trying to kid?? It is not funny at all! But it is healty so you should try, at least one time!
Before going to run you'd fell a little lazy, that's totally normal! You can charge you i-pod and fill it with rytmic songs avoiding ballads and romantic craps. You're Bolt's brother you don't need that shit! If you really need it, I 'll make an exception for "nothing compares to you" of O' Connor, just because it is meaningfull and sweet!
Of course "to you" would be me!
During the running focus on the losing weight stuff and picking girls idea and don't think at the fatigue or that you 're going too far and don't remember the way-home.
Make sure you know the way-home before leaving home.
Don't stop yourself for any reasons.
I don't care about cars accidents, heart attacks or children all alone! None of your business! Stay focus on running and think at the beautiful shower that you'll take at home, when you will be arrived, triumphant like a war hero and even more.
Atfer getting home you'll realise that you've run just few miles, way less than you expected, and you 'll collapse on the couch, really depressed! The good thing is that you will eat chips and chocolates without the fear of putting on weigth for almost an hour.
After that the benefit of running will be finished. You can't pretend more from a sport! Star dating if you want more dumb-ass!