PROPOSAL TWO (Sometimes they come back)

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Sep 14, 2014 05:50
PROPOSAL TWO (Sometimes they come back)

The research will be a study pertaining to Italian speakers of English prosody and the teaching methods that can improve their ability to make themselves understood. We will base the research on historically literature over Italian speakers pronunciation of English, and its difficulties and particularity.

In a word where English is the first language to serve as international mean of communication and where the L2 speakers are more numerous than native speakers, the notion of intelligibility has replaced the traditional imitation of British English or American English intonation.

In other words prosody and intonation should not interfere with the ability to make themselves understood in interaction with speakers from both different background, that is English as first or second language.

The research will compare two way of teaching English prosody to Italian learners in order to establish which ones is more effective and useful to the aim. We will use students with the same English level, Italian literacy background, and linguistic area of provenience.
Finally we will try to improve their English prosody skills through to different methods:
1) the traditional one, that is, to describe variations in pitch stress and rhythm part in English prosodic system and to enhance their ability by pattern drills and repetition system.
2) exploiting new technology device as Praat program, a tool that reproduce and visualize sentences stress and pitch (frequency of sound) in self-learning environment.

English native speakers and English non native speakers will testify the results of our experiment and assess the intelligibility of their speech. The experiment will be repeated in three different times so that the results will be analyzed on a base of a stabilized acquisition.

My prediction is that the new technology based system will show its effectiveness as learning pronunciation tool both in a long and in a short period thanks to different factors such as visualizing capacity, repetition system, engaging stimulation and entertaining ability.
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