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Sep 1, 2014 16:07

I like her so badly. And I dont even know why.
I knew that she was at the bar and I went there alone.
I thought It was smart. I am not shy. I am not ugly.
And I want her so bad.
But when I got there she wasnt there. So I took a beer
and I smiled at everyone. Hoping in a good luke. I want her
and nothing more. I want here so badly.
After few minutes two spanish girl that I know, started talking with me.
They are beautiful. One of them has beautiful black hair. She has a great
attitude and a lot of reason why one could die for. You can burst of desire for her but I cant.
And not because the girl that I like, no, I m not faithful at this stage and maybe I will never be faithful at all, but because, because, because I dont burst for her. You the song? I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul? That s a perfect reason for not loving her.
The girl I like wasnt with me, she ve never talked to me that much but when she do it
she is all mine, she give herself away totally, she is all blue and it makes me happy.
Spanish girls dont work like this. Sorry about that. Sorry about that. Sorry, I thought, but I like her. And so, badly,
So she got the place. She was outside. And when my two friends chose the table it was the same table. The same damn table. And I was there with two beautiful woman. The other one is quite smart and elegant, a really princess but I dont like princess at all, all I like is girls with big boobs, or at least tonight.
Hoping that It will be my night.
She knew It was me but she s ignoring me. I could see her smiling a little, just a little bit. She s enjoying ignoring me and that s hot,
And when I say hello I hugged her tightly. I ve almost kissed her in front of the stupid jerk in orange shirt and baseball hat that was with her. Fat and stupid human being. An orange shirt. Tell me who take an orange shirt on to go out at night. I dont know. But she seems happy. She is smiling now and that s killing me. I am keeping talking with princess and big boobs but im not there. I want touch her arms and listen to her voice for a long moment. God I m not asking more, make me happy oh my Lord, make me vulnerable again...
So me ans spaniards had a selfish and then they go home. I had to come under the humiliation to stay there for no apparent reason when they were going home attonish that I wasnt following` em. Damn spanish so damn curiuos.
So she is blond but not blah at all, no long hair but not even short, blue green eyes, a piercing and a stupid stupid cheese air, she dances all the time, and when she talks no matter to whom, she want to be cool. And she is, by the way, she is because she is gorgeous and funny. Her skin is so white but not red and irritable. She always seems to be so lively that she make me think to that song of Rolling Stones. Wild, wild horses took me away. Graceless lady you know who I am Let s do some living after we die. Wild, wild horses. You cant always get what you want. My friends left. She was so close to me that at the first chance I call her asking something. She went away smiling. I dont know why. But I stayed there for a little while. Alone. 20 minutes. Surrended by strangers and people. There she was. Looking at me for a second or less. And for a minute there I lost myself, I lost myself, I lost myself as Tom York sings. But I wanted stay there more than how much I want her. I wanted stayed there alone way more than everything in the whole world. I am not a stupid kid I can stay here how long I want. Even if they are laughting at me, even if I look creepy even if. Because It is me, once and again. And I like you so badly, and you like me back.