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Sep 29, 2014 07:34

The next article (Lacasa Martinez Mendex 2010) analyzes the use of videogames in order to develop literacy. The study indicates the important role that videogames can have in developing oral and writteng language skills. Even if it is not based on the learning of a second language this article is relevant for the topic.

The results, are significant, as they show how videogames need to be used in a classroom context.
The experiment was conducted in a public spanish school among students between the age of 8 and 9.

The results of the experiment are also quite interesting because indicate which skills are more developed by these kind of videogames, that are, oral production and dialogue skills. Interactivity, Negotiation, and Information Exchange Task are proved to by essential as much in developing literacy in your own language as in a second language context.
Naturally our intent is to that videogames will be useful in the context of a second language.

Another article that is intersting to our aim, is written by Targut and Irgin in 2010. The authors try to show us that computer games have a great potential in developing and promoting learning. Unlike the article above, they want to prove that skills more affected by playing videogames are pronunciation and vocabulary acquisition.

If the results will confirm this hypothesis we have to consider as different learning by videogames a second language between developing literacy in your own.
The experiment was conducted in Turkey among students of primary and secondary school. The participants were at the age 10-14.

The main purpose of the research is really meaningful for the topic but the results of the experiment are invalidated by the instrument utilized to collect data.
They have used a semi-structured interview that can say not so much about what acquisition of language we have had and how it has happened.

The results only suggest the potential benefit pf on-line videogames for vocabulary learning, and also, for developing some learning strategies "such as guessim from the context, looking up to on-line dictionary, asking to a friend who knows English.
So the means used to collect data made the study almost ineffective. But, we can take its purpose, that is still valid, and develop by utilizing a different metodologhy.