PROPOSAL OF RESEARCH (Sorry if what I ve written sounds naive, It i...

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Sep 9, 2014 07:58
PROPOSAL OF RESEARCH (Sorry if what I ve written sounds naive, It is just a hypotetical proposal and not a good one!)

The research will be a crossover study that it supposed pertaining linguistics and philosophy of language, with an acute glance to Neuro-linguistics and Psycholinguistics sciences. I am intentioned to use those last medical sciences in order to found my research on scientific basis in consideration that I will try to approach an analysis of the language impairment in Autism Spectrum Disorder patients.
Nevertheless scientific consideration of data and statistics analysis of these two medical disciplines, my work will be inspired to philosopher of language such as M. Foucault and linguistics theories about Universal Grammar, and Natural Order of Acquisition of authors like N. Chomsky and S. Krashen.
It is my intention to analyze the results of research in autism patients for what concerns association words and syntactic order of sentences and to try to underline the most important difference between the use of the same language and the patterns, grammatical, logical or semantic, that prevent us from understanding those who are affected by this disease.
Considering proprieties of the universal grammar we should be able to verify which natural order, it could vary from morphological to phonological or syntactical, still remain the same for both of us, which ones will be modified without impeding any comprehension and finally which structures will be so affected to make for them impossible to convey any messages to us.
My research will base itself on idea that language could tell us something interesting about autism and autism about language, its function, order, and propriety. We could have a view of what we call unconsciousness language knowledge and of its limits. The question that will guide my research will be about how the language born and which signs could be chosen to replace it in order to relay with individuals and society. Very often, in fact, autistic patients replace our conventional language with signs and symbols.
My hypothetical assumption is that language doesn`t stop itself in spoken or written words but transcend its limits finding different way to communicate and symbolize contents. My idea is to investigate those signs that we collocate between language and absence of language in order to expand our conception of language and understanding.
I think that this research will prove that our unconsciousness universal knowledge about language doesn’t` concern only grammar and syntactic rules but affect signs and symbol language and that we can learn to relay to this kind of different language using the same resources that we utilize to acquire a second foreign language.