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Sep 22, 2014 07:06

The study will examine the effectiveness of playing video and music games in learning a second language during extra curriculum activities under the supervision of one or more experts.

The aim will be to integrate formal teaching to informal learning in a way that it will be less affected the aspect that we consider central and more determinative in playing video and music games, that is, the entertainment.

As more than 65 per cent of Americans play video or music games in their leisure time, we believe that it will be a great achievement to connect to this activity, a learning a second language program based on developing skills such as comprehension, oral productivity and dialogue.

The most important characteristics of playing video and music games that make us hope in a successful result for our project are the interactivity of these games and the prominence of exchange information tasks in their use.

We will base our study on a literature describing the results of different experiments such as the introducing of video e music games in a guided context as a classroom. Also we will consider Bruneur`s theoretical studies concerning the role and importance of narrative and its use in learning a second language.

But let`s see which are the questions that will guide our path. We already know that, despite be motivated and involved in a game constitutes a great part of communicative approach method, the introducing of these kind of games have not produced yet any significant results and changements in our work so we are really interested in understand what have prevent these games from being effective.
We have reasons to believe that it depends on incorrect strategies in using and integrate them in a classroom context.
So, in order remedy it we will focus our analysis in investigating which language skills are most involved in these games and how we can categorize them in basis of the range of abilities that they enhance.

My hypothesis is that knowing better which abilities they develop and recognize which are less involved or simply overlooked we will be able to integrate the informal learning in our formal teaching. This result will involve the necessity of a different role for the teacher that it will be participate, at least partially, to these kind of games, in order to serve as counsel for students. Also il will be necessary to be dismissed every kind of prejudices about the effectiveness of these games.