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Sep 18, 2014 11:14

Can I deprecate more people that say " I thought Italian was easier!" "I didn`t think it was so hard!"??! What are we, stupid jerk, dumb or fucking retards that our language should be easy or that your own should be harder??? Mah ggrgrrgrgrrr! (I can tollerate every stereotype about Italian and without no effort at all! I tollerate people that associate me to mafia pizza mandolino, to a thief, people that joke with my pronunciation, intonation, pitch, tone, skin, stature, fancyness (elegance?) shoes, dresses, bad words, I dunno, Jersey Shore, tamarragine, i mean, being rude and cool, and everything but don`t touch my fucking language dumb ass! Dante made it! And made it good as hell ("L`inferno") Hahahahahahahahhahaha
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