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Sep 26, 2014 06:39

As matter of fact, our intent is to study the skills more related to Communicative Approach, that are oral production and understanding, dialogue and comprehension of the pragmatic context where communication happen.
In other words we will base our research on these kinds of skills as they are related to that approach that, first, has attempted to integrate technology device and role play games to the formal teaching context.

In this kind of approach, one of the most significant element, is motivation. Most part of the teacher job is often dedicated to find material to support motivation and to create an environment where communication can happen easily, with no pressure or anxiety.
Another text that I am going to analyze briefly that covers this aspect is Wottana Reinder`s 2014 article. This article shares our point of view regards of the importance of communication and its determinative role in learning a second language.

As they say “Many language professionals around the world, however, have experienced the challenges of encouraging learners to produce the target language, to feel worry about making mistakes”
The main thesis of this research is to prove that videogames enhance the willing to communicate as they provide to improve the students` perception of competence.
As they say “Individuals perceptions of competence might be more important than individuals actual competence in deciding whether or not to communicate; therefore, perceived communicative competence is believed to directly determine his/her willing to communicate level”

Unlike the other research, these authors provide us of a experiment that proves their point. They analyze the effects that have been resulted by playing videogames from students of two different classrooms. They chose their sample carefully avoiding to design people with different linguistic skills background and knowledge.

The result, gained by mean of a questionnaire, show clearly the positive effects of playing videogames in the willing to communicate. Unfortunately we don`t have any data that show us the effect of these videogames and their effectiveness in the acquisition of language so the research results to be partially incomplete.
Anycase it proves an important point that is the basis of our analysis, I mean, the effectiveness of videogames in supporting motivation as it is matter of learning a second language