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Dec 3, 2014 11:38

I` ll never like Islam and you `ll never quit the idea of saving your life, one day, later in the time.

But before that, soon or later, you will realize that yours is a choice, a philosophical choice, and not, as you firmly believe, a spiritual thing. I want to replay to you today that you are making a choice by means of your rationality. You studied religions e you decreed muslim god the true one while me...me, I`m here here watching you elating "peacefully" over this wise decision.

What`s worst and for me to see your intelligence going wasted. A million of amazing bright idea, I wish I had `em too, going wasted and ending up in nothing because religion.

A decision.
I`d never take a decision like that. I will be never like you and we will never be friends. That saddens me.

Someday god will explain how he does like to be a wall between people.
Or maybe you tell me.

Now you are young beautiful strong.
Everything`s cool, I guess...even if diversity in the USA, such as alcool sex guitar meditation and love mess with your mind, still, everything`s ok.

One day you `ll see the place where you dropped me. It was a decision too. Less important I agree. But something similar will occur to you too. That`d not be strange. And you will think about me. And to that love that is only human care, and that you didn`t give me because I`m, I`m I`m ...an atheist -god bless your label-

So, at the time, you will no choice but another chance to take, in order to be happy. Let it go, cry your eyes out, cry over spilled milk, maybe you won`t have another chance.

Love`s everything. It needs simple mind over rationality. It needs responsability and to take some risks (hell heaven hell of heaven and Dante Alighieri).
Taking the risk to be human over be a believer. It is a really simple thing, such as old stubborn people that refuse to give explanation about the past.

A poet said: Explanations will kill you.

So that`s it. Our path is over. But my love for you will still live for ever.
I`ll never see you again.
I will be that smelly sly cat which is looking at you for no reason and that you always find ridicously annoying.