It wasn't a good day for me today.

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Dec 14, 2017 00:00 diary instagram
It wasn't a good day for me today.
Do you know the moments when you feel that everything is going wrong? I have these moments not very often but it was such a day today.
I think the best way for me now is to go to the bed and fall asleep. Tomorrow should be better.

I cheat and copy here my message from one dialog. I don't sure about the correctness of some sentences. I will be glad if you check it.

I think 'War and peace' is the most intimidating read in the life of the majority of Russian school students. But this intimidation does not disappear after school.
I only watched old screen adaptation and read a few important chapters that we discussed with the teacher.
I was hoping to read 'War and peace' in 2017, now I hope to read it in 2018. I graduated 8 years ago, and this book still intimidates me for old time's sake.

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