General Nogi-part 2

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Sep 19, 2016 09:14 japan history
General Nogi-part 2

5th of Janualy 1905

General Nogi interviewed the chief commander of the fort Stessel at 水師営。
General Nogi was ordered from Meiji-Tenno.
He let Stessel to wear a sword and drunk wth him.

General Nogi allowed the press take a shot once.
Because He thought that it had been ruderness for the press to take a shot several times.
武士道(The way of Samurai) had never forgived to do so.

1912 13th of september
General Nogi commited suiside with his wife after Meiji Tenno passed away.
He was 69years old.

He also respected 楠木正成 deeply.
His loyalty was no less than Masashige's loyalty.

The story is continued.
The Russian chief commander Stessel backed to Rusia.
Rusian Emperor ordedrd him death -penalty.