The batttles of Peleliu Island Part-1

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Sep 26, 2016 07:24 The batttles of Peleliu Island
The Greater East Asia War(大東亜戦争)
   ~The batttles of Peleliu Island Part-1

Palau was the mandate of Japan.

Peleliu island of Palao was the critical stronghold for the defence of Japan.

The islanders of the island had a meeting and they decided to fight the US army with
the imperial Japanese army.

So They told the lieutenant general Kunio Nakagawa(中川州男) about that,
But the lieutenant general Nakagawa said that the imperial Japanese soldiers would never fight with natives(土人)?

The islanders lamented to hear that deeply.

A few days passed,when the islanders sailed from the harber,All imperial japanese sodiers song a japanee song
which they sang with the islandes and saw off them while waving their hands.

Offcouse the lieutenant gereral Nakagawa also stayed there.

At that time,The islanders on board understood it clearly.
the imperial Japanese sodeies prevented us from involving ther battles.

Therefore the lieutenant general Nakagawa used the discriminalational word(土人).

All the islanders busted tears.
then,they waved there hands back very hard.