The batttles of Peleliu Island Part-2

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Sep 26, 2016 07:28 The batttles of Peleliu Island
The Greater East Asia War(大東亜戦争)
   ~The batttles of Peleliu Island Part-2

12th of September 1944

The battles of Peleliu Island broke out.

The imperial Japanese Army was only 15,000.
Against it,the US forces was about t 45,000

The battles were so awful.

27 of September 1944

Peleliu Island falled.
After that,the islanders backed to Peleliu Island.
They gatherd the bodies of the imperial Japanese sodiers and buried them one by one.

A few years later,Parau independed from the US.

The national flag of Parau is dislocated slightly on purpose becasuse they thought
that if they locateted the circle center like Japanese national flag(日の丸),
that would be disrespected.

This is a beautifle story between Parau and Japan.

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