A Nice Park in Australia

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Apr 1, 2014 16:26
It is already April! It has been one and a half month since I moved in Australia. Time flies!

I rarely see cats in here, and I miss any cats. When I was in Japan, I often saw stray cats on my way home and to my university. Most of them ran away from me when I get closer to them, but sometimes I could pet some of them, which meant a lot to me.

Instead, I keep seeing birds here. I love them so much.

Yesterday, I could not stop going into the park, which I walk through on my way home, and lay on the grass there to observe the five pink parakeets carefully and for a long time.
I recorded the videotapes of them with my explanation in Japanese as a good memory.

I relaxed there seeing the sky with my back on the grass and also turned the phone to the cute parakeet family.

The time spent there was really peaceful, easing and amazing.

I am glad that I am in Australia whrere I can feel a lot of nature around me every day.