The Bad Order 悪い依頼

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Aug 25, 2019 06:07
I have worked as a writer. Last friday, suddenly my new client offered new article to me.

At that time, I was busy for another tasks, so I replied that I would reply after checked in detail it.

The new client sent me an contract first, and I had some inquiries about it. I inquired it to the new client, but they did not reply even though it was important matters each other. I had very bad feeling about the behavior, so I was thinking I would refuse working with the new client.

I know usually small incongruous will grow big incongruous.

After finished my tasks, I read their offer carefully. There was written the dead line is next Tuesday. And their iorder was difficult to understand.

I already have anther client, they give me a enough time for deadline with more clearly order.

The new client sent me their writer’s sample, I read first few lines but stopped.
Because it was difficult understand and I couldn’t have intersting with the article.

Although the new client’s sales point is specialty, I believe great writer can write easy words for even though for ordinary peoples if the writers handles specialty theme.

The contract said if my article makes trouble, I have to slove it to pay with all of my money.

I want to say, if they want it, they have to order clearly, prepare enough reference materials and times for my research and writing.

I thought they would not check my article with copy past software, and finished.

It was bad offered for me.