A Business to Replace by Buying Something New 新しく買い換えるビジネス

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Sep 14, 2019 09:32
I have used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop since 20 years ago.
When I began to use Illustrator, the version was 5.5, but now its version is Illustrator CC. When I began to use it, the internet didn’t so spread, so I bought up the software of the package.

But now, we have to pay the charge per month on the cloud for subscription.

I had used Illustrator CS6 long time, and it hadn't been subscription version.
But lately, Adobe Creative Cloud new released Adobe XD. Adobe XD can design, UI/UX of web site and mobile application.

And more, I can’t open the new version of Illustrator with an error from old version of Illustrator. Last time, I received new version data from my client, but I didn’t open with my old software.

It is not only software, but also computer is same, If the OS became old, browsers stop its support.

So I have to replace by buying the new version.

After all, I felt it just follow to Adobe’s business, but I change to CC version.
使い始めたのは、Illustrator 5.5の時で、現在はIllustrator CCになっている。私が使い始めた頃は、インターネットがそれほど普及していなくて、買い切りのパッケージ版だった。


長い間、私はIllustrator CS6を使っていてサブスクリプション版は使っていなかった。でも、最近Adobe Creative Cloudに新しいソフトのAdobe XDが登場した。Adobe XDでは、webサイトやモバイルアプリのUI/UXがデザインできる。