Wind-bell in summer

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Jun 21, 2019 14:04
It will be soon summer in Japan. During summer, we hang a wind-bell near the window.

The wind-bell rings and sways through the window. It has many kind of materials, but most cool one is by the glass.

The wind-bell is familiar as poem about summer that was handed down to Japan from China in Nara era. In this time, wind-bell called "風鐸Futaku" that was used for tool of fortune in China.

Japanse believed " Storong wind carries about the epidemics disease and the disasters" in ancient times. So the window-bell was used by tool of amulet for ringing with strong winds. Nowadays, we can see an ancient belief at the 4 corner of roof top temples there are hanging 風鐸(Futaku).

"風鐸Futaku" changed the name into "風鈴Furin", it would be closed from nobleman to commoner bit by bit through under the age.




当時の日本では、”強い風が 流行り病や邪気などを運ぶ “ と信じられていました。そのため、強い風で音を奏でる風鈴は、邪気を払う魔除け道具として使われました。今でも、日本のお寺の屋根の四隅に吊るされる風鐸にその名残を見ることができます。